Thanks to Chew Soon who currently owns a Toyota Vios Turbo, this little blog was setup in no time with a  lot of help from him therefore you'll probably notice a lot of similarities to his blog in terms of design, layout and content.

I hope this blog serves as an inspiration to the rest of the Suzuki Swift owners out there that with proper and decent modifications, the Swift can be quite a fun car to be driven around.

Be it from a simple exhaust modification to a nitrous oxide kit or a bolt-on turbo kit, no matter what you do to your car it is unique and you should be proud of it.

One message that I would like to send out strongly is that there are no rights or wrongs when it comes to car modifications. It is all about personal preferences and everyone should be proud of what they have done to their car.

Just like my friend Chew Soon, I would like to pen off with a favorite quote of his:

Cheap and reliable won't be fast,
Fast and reliable won't be cheap,
Fast and cheap won't be reliable.

Happy modding and drive safely.